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Notre Dame Haiku: Time To Trash Michigan With Some Style

17 syllables y’all... get to work.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have an incredible chance to really start the season off right with a win over the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday night. The storylines are naturally built in when it comes to the Irish and the Skunkbears, so it should be easy enough to restart the Haiku project (which starts with a bang and then fizzles out with little to no consequence).

It’s Michigan week, so dig down deep and leave us your best haiku or two or whatever.

Michigan is back
They sure must love the abuse
Remember The Six

Jim Harbaugh is back
He has no luck without Luck
Can’t win on the road

Pure hatred is back
Fielding Yost was a bigot
Rot in hell Skunkbears

I’m sure most of you can do a little better — so give it a go, and let’s see what we can come up with to pass the time before Saturday (OH MY GOD IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY!).