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Brian Kelly On Notre Dame VS Michigan: “It’s Great For College Football.”

The first Tuesday press conference of the season came and went.


Brian Kelly held court in from of the media to discuss the season-opening game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the Michigan Wolverines. By all accounts it was the usual Brian Kelly Tuesday presser for the season, and added very little to the build-up of the inferno that will be this game.

  • Kelly restated what was said when the game was put back on the schedule. He and Jim Harbaugh had a phone conversation that lacked discussion of dairy or poultry products , and decided this game must be played — for the benefit of humankind and college football.
  • That looking Dexter Williams question was asked, and the best way I can describe the answer, is that Brian Kelly said basically the same thing last year in regards to Kevin Stepherson.
  • For those keeping score... Brandon Wimbush is the starting quarterback (QB1) and Ian Book is the back-up (QB2). One and then two.
  • Kelly believes that the Irish defensive line is the deepest its been since he arrived in South Bend.
  • Coach BK is also very confident when it comes to the safety position and has zero worries about new starter, Alohi Gilman.
  • Basically, Kelly is happy with the way the team is doing everything. “Everything” would include how they practice, how mentally prepared they are, and overall team health.

Like I said, it was the basic Kelly presser. HERE WE GO!!!