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Notre Dame Football: Could Dexter Williams Actually Play Against Michigan?

There’s a rumor floating around....

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, a rumor started floating around that Dexter Williams, probably the most dynamic offensive weapon the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have, will play on Saturday night against the Michigan Wolverines.

I’m unsure of the exact source, but because of the steam behind it (perhaps mostly from wishful thinking from fans) I thought I’d put it here to discuss.

On Sunday, I was one of the many that would have said that I was 99% sure Dexter Williams will be suspended for the first four games — including the Michigan game. Now, I find myself creeping towards that 50% (toss-up) mark.

One of the things that I saw that started to get me thinking that this could actually happen, was a tweet from Dexter himself:

Now... this could mean a million different things, but when you start connecting the dots, you can see why I’m losing confidence in the suspension.

Please keep in mind that I’m just sharing a floating rumor here. I am neither reporting that this is going to happen or not going to happen. I’m just saying that there might be an actual chance that this happens. Maybe we will find out for sure this week, or maybe we won’t know for certain until Saturday.

Just thought it could be a possibility, and I’d share that with you.

COUNT UP! (which means to get paid if you were wondering).