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The Joyous Side of the Rivalry: 20 Years of Notre Dame Wins Against Michigan

Recapping the wins of the last 20 years

Michigan v Notre Dame

Ok, enough of the sad memories. It is now time to have us remember the glorious times in the last 20 years. I want to make sure that we recap the Notre Dame Fighting Irish wins against the Michigan Wolverines since 1998. We gotta ride the momentum through to September 1. Away we go...

1998: Notre Dame - 36, Michigan - 20

Why, yes, that is Tom Brady there lamenting his first loss in 13 games. In 1997, Michigan split the national championship with Nebraska (Remember, they one one half a national championship since the 1940s. That’s it.). The next season, we got them at home. After a rocky first half, the Irish got some rhythm back and really pounded Michigan into oblivion. Autry Denson went off on the ground (#RTDB), and the Irish took home sweet victory.

2002: Notre Dame - 25, Michigan - 23

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Like in 1998, a higher-rated Michigan team came into South Bend. They did not have the outcome they wanted (LOL). A back and forth game between two similar teams saw the deciding factor be a safety caused by a Michigan penalty in the ednzone (even more LOL). They could not convert on a 2-point conversion late in the game and also Navarre threw an interception to Shane Walton to seal the game.

2004: Notre Dame - 28, Michigan - 20

This is funny because of how bad we were this year right before Ty was fired. Michigan went to the Rose Bowl that season and then lost to Texas. We went 6-6 before losing in the Insight Bowl. In the game, the Irish went down 9-0 before eventually taking a 28-12 lead in the second half. In a terrible season, we saw some light with beating Michigan with Brady Quinn.

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

2005: Notre Dame - 17, Michigan - 10

The last time that we won in Michigan Stadium. We went into Ann Arbor and eeked out a nailbiter. The Chad Henne fumble on the 1 yard line was very funny. Also the TD to Rhema McKnight was a fun thing that happened. Any time we can go into that overrated stadium and win is a solid time.

2008: Notre Dame - 35, Michigan - 17

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Straight dominance from the beginning. Michigan fumbled the opening kickoff, which was hilarious. Sam McGuffie was so hyped, and he didn’t do much. We also went up 21-0 on them in the first quarter. Additionally, Brian Smith recovered a very fun fumble in the rain. That day was one of the most fun days in the rain that I’ve ever had.

2012: Notre Dame - 13, Michigan - 6

Michigan v Notre Dame
Tommy Rees, on the way to scoring the only touchdown of the game in 2012

Denard Robinson threw 5 interceptions...on his birthday. Tommy Rees scored the only TD of the game on a DESIGN quarterback sneak. What a time to be alive.

2014: Notre Dame - 37, Michigan - ZERO

We don’t need to say anymore. Pure joy, dominance, and elation. The picture above is of the true final score (#RememberTheSix).


Let’s do it again on September 1.

Go Irish. Beat Skunkbears.

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