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This Guy is Going to Play Notre Dame Football: #98 Ja’Mion Franklin

Another freshman defensive lineman to profile

Notre Dame Football

Here at OFD, we want to give you all a rundown (Charles Miner style) of the players on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. It helps us and you get to know them a bit better. Next up is another one of the freshman, and he is on the defensive line.

#98 Ja’Mion Franklin

Ja’Mion comes to us from Ridgely, MD and North Caroline High School. He is 6’1” and just shy of 300 pounds. With that size, he could absolutely be an asset to the DLine whenever he could get the chance to play. He would need to execute with Clark Lea’s defense to make that happen, though.

3 Things to Know About Ja’Mion Franklin

  1. Ja’Mion was ranked the 42nd best defensive lineman recruit in the nation according to 247Sports.
  2. He is coming into the defensive line as 2018 recruits along with Jayson Ademilola and Justin Ademilola.
  3. Our fearless leader, Joshua Vowles, called Ja’Mion out for having a pretty weak cannonball. There is some room for off the field growth I guess.

YouTube Hot Fire

Country, Condiment, and Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon.

J.O. Crab Seasoning.

You can learn about what that seasoning is here. Since Ja’Mion is from Maryland, he is a crab seasoning that comes from and is local to fellow Marylanders (Marylandians?). Not known nationally, but he is very relaiable to the people close to him. Just needs some exposure so that more people can know what he adds to crab dishes/the defense.

2018 Forecast

Coming in with the Ademilolas as well as having some high-caliber names ahead of him on the depth chart (Jonathan Bonner and Jerry Tillery, to name a couple), Ja’Mion might have a tough time getting significant reps. He could come in as a backup, especially in those games in the middle of September. If he can play in four games before burning a redshirt, I see that happening. Even if he does well overall, I still see him needing to earn some more playing time that comes with more experience on the team. With his size, though, look out for him in a season or two in the future.