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Notre Dame Football: The Shamrock Series Uniforms For Yankee Stadium Are Awful

This whole ordeal is the worst.

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Jack Swarbrick and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish couldn’t help themselves. After a year off from the “annual” Shamrock Series game, Notre Dame announced that they were moving the game against the Syracuse Orange (the last home game of the season) to New York City to play in the home of the New York Yankees.

So... the Irish are selling out once again, and despite the fact that they could really do an alternate uniform at any point in the season (like Navy last year) they really love the excuse of the Shamrock Series (as does Under Armour).

This year’s version is awful. Obviously Notre Dame is going for that Yankees look with the pinstripes and baseball uniform — and it’s a fucking disaster.

Maybe I (a subway alum) should be in love with the subtle New York City subway themes they have going on here, but I’m not. I hate the fact the helmet isn’t gold (although I don’t mind the overall color).

I don’t have the words or the bandwidth today to go on a FULL BLOWN RANT. Jessica Smetana took care of most of that already.

These are terrible, and they represent every logical reason why the Shamrock Series should be banished to the depths of hell for all eternity. This is nothing more than a cash grab, and if the excuse of BRAND BUILDING is ever brought up — this IS NOT THE NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL BRAND.