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Notre Dame Football: Nic Weishar Is The People’s Champ

And he’s not done fighting yet.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Nic Weishar is not officially a captain of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, and it doesn’t matter. Nic has become one of the senior spokespersons for the team, and the leader of the tight ends. If you’ve spent any time around Nic, or heard him speak, you quickly realize that he’s a born leader, and an incredible guy to have in the locker room.

Years ago I created a title called “The Subway Domer People’s Champ.” It was a way for me to highlight and praise one of my favorite players each year that didn’t really get the amount of attention that others on the team were receiving. It had all sorts of different criteria (great hair was a staple for years) but generally it was a guy that I felt rose above being labeled solely because of his position. Former Irish safety, Sergio Brown was the first (and second) recipient.

This year that title belongs to Nic Weishar — and it’s not even close. While Nic lacks dreadlocks or flowing locks (Greer Martini ‘17 PC) he did rock the best “campstache” that I can remember seeing.

Nic Weishar is magnificent.

Weishar perfectly fits the mold of a People’s Champ. He’s not a superstar, and no one rattles his name off right away when discussing the team — but he is a “glue guy.” Everything he brings to the team is something that helps the team in one way or another. Now, that’s not to say that he isn’t going to contribute on the field (not even close to being the case). Nic has great hands, runs good routes, and blocks well (and like to do it).

All of that is great, but it goes far beyond that. Nic Weishar is my favorite player on this team, and the newly crowned People’s Champ, for a wide number of reasons. His story isn’t new. Nic lost his older brother Andrew to cancer when Nic was still in high school. What Nic and his family have done since then has been nothing short of incredible. Their annual “Weishfest” has raised more than $650,000 to help families in need from medical nightmares.

That story — the one that shows how a family takes a tragedy and turns it into a beautiful memory by choosing to serve, and helping those in desperate need. It’s helped shape Nic, and this football team in the process.

It most likely is part of the reason why Weishar returned to Notre Dame for a fifth year. You don’t leave a family behind, and you fight for the family you have. Through his fight with cancer, Andrew Weishar said he wasn’t done fighting, and neither is Nic.

The 2018 People’s Champ.