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This Guy Is Going to Play Notre Dame Football: #19 Justin Ademilola

This highly touted D Lineman has a lot of connections to ND already

Justin Ademilola
Twitter @NDFootball

We here at OFD want you all to get the know the players behind the helmets on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. We’re almost done covering all of the players, we have just a few left. Next up is another freshman that comes in with a lot of hype surrounding him and his family.

#19 Justin Ademilola

Justin comes to us from St. Peter’s Prep in New Jersey (yes, we know, that is where Brandon Wimbush went). Yes, Justin also has a twin brother, Jayson, that is also on the Defensive Line. Pat Rick did a great job breaking down Jayson for us. Justin also was pretty highly touted as a recruit, like his brother. He was highly ranked as a defensive player in New Jersey.

3 Things to Know About Justin Ademilola

  1. Justin was a bit lower in ratings than his brother even with 125 tackles in his last two seasons in high school.
  2. Shayne Simon also came into Notre Dame with the Ademilola twins in this 2018 recruiting class. Justin, Jayson, and Shayne no doubt dominated that defense for St. Peter’s Prep
  3. Justin is 6’2” and 246 pounds. Yeah, he’s pretty decent size, and yet he could come in with a “Body By Balis” and bulk up even more I’m sure.

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Country, Condiment, or Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon.


Justin is Argentina. Just as well-known as Brazil, and they are adjacent countries. As Jayson, his brother, is Brazil (according to Pat Rick), then the country just a bit smaller and right there will be Justin.

2018 Forecast

As Pat Rick let us know, Jayson and Justin might not see much playing time. Jayson is stronger and bigger (6’3”, 284 pounds), so his chance to play D-End would probably be better than Justin’s. Again with the new redshirt rule, I could see Justin getting some reps in against some of the teams we play in September. He could help out the D-Line which already has some strong depth. He will have to wait, and we could see him with another year of eligibility as well. We can sit back and wait for him to explode onto the scene, though.