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This Guy Is Going To Play Notre Dame Football: #25 Braden Lenzy

The speedster from Oregon looks establish a role as a freshman

Braden Lenzy Twitter @mattfreemanISD

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a roster full of players, and we want to talk about all of them. One Foot Down’s player profile series will take a look at every single one of them, and hopefully we all learn a little bit more about these guys, and Notre Dame’s chances for the upcoming 2018 season.

#25 Braden Lenzy

Hailing from Tigard, Oregon, Lenzy comes to Notre Dame with high hopes. This is a young and immensely talented receiver, who was ranked as a 4-star and pursued by the likes of Oregon, USC, Stanford, Michigan State, and of course Notre Dame. Braden Lenzy is a deep threat who possesses incredible speed, but also has the short-area quickness to make people miss. His future is bright in South Bend, but this first year will likely begin with a special teams role at most.

3 Things About Braden Lenzy

  1. He has a younger brother - Max Lenzy - who plays defensive back and is also a target for Notre Dame.
  2. When I say he is fast, I mean it. He doubles as a track athlete and one of his more impressive times was his 21.49 second 200 meter. Troy Pride ran a 21.75 his freshman year in South Bend, for comparison’s sake.
  3. For those who don’t follow recruiting closely, Lenzy committed to Notre Dame twice. He decommitted to play for Willie Taggart at Oregon, before decommitting a second time once Taggart left and re-upping with the Irish.

YouTube Hot Fire

Yet again, a short and sweet sample of what Lenzy brings to the table:

Country, Condiment, or Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon.

Former People’s Republic of Korea.

“Fast. Fleeting. Gone-in-an-instant.”

All words you might use to describe Braden Lenzy’s play on the gridiron. Also, they all happen to be words you might use to describe the People’s Republic of Korea if you’re bad at describing things.

The PRK was formed following the second World War and lasted a whopping 155 days before devolving into the North and South sections that we know today. It was gone in an instant. Much like Braden Lenzy will be when some poor defensive back lines up across from him.

2018 Forecast

Lenzy will surely hold a significant role on this team sometime in the future. If all goes according to plan, he’ll end up playing a similar role to what Will Fuller did in 2015. With that said, his time won’t be this year. He needs time to develop, both physically and mentally, within the system. The best case scenario in terms of playing time will have to come on special teams if the staff wants to utilize his speed on punt and kick returns.