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Will Notre Dame Wear Green Jerseys Against Michigan?

There is a rumor brewing....

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Back when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish unveiled the 2018 version of “The Shirt” people got excited because it was green. Overall, it’s a pretty unattractive shirt, and its saving grace is that it’s the color most people pull for each year during the unveiling.

That shirt color prompted the committee that produces the shirt to call for a “GREEN OUT” for Notre Dame’s season-opening game against the Michigan Wolverines. I, like many others, scoffed at the attempt. Many times before a “GREEN OUT” has been called for, and it always fails miserably for a wide variety of reasons.

The biggest reason it fails is because the University itself has failed to promote the cause. With all the reach the program has on social media, and the printing of tickets — there was never any help to make a “GREEN OUT” a thing.

That was still the case this time around, and a big reason I could only roll my eyes. WHERE WAS THE SCHOOL IN ALL OF THIS? Mike Frank on the ISD Power Hour Podcast, recently berated the school for their lack of effort in this type of endeavor.

Perhaps that nudge prompted this:

A promotion for the “GREEN OUT” from the football program itself. BUT IS THAT ALL? What exactly does “Irish wear green” mean? Is that solely for a “GREEN OUT” or are they dropping a not so subtle hint that the team may be wearing green jerseys for the game?

As opposed as I am to the idea of Notre Dame wearing green jerseys for the game, it seems like a real possibility if they folow through with the “Irish wear green” thing. If they wear the blue jerseys — are they really not the Irish?


Should ND wear green jerseys against Michigan?

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With College Gameday most likely being in South Bend for the game, season opener, Michigan, and all the hoopla that surrounds the Notre Dame football program; I wonder if throwing one more clown in the circus will even matter.

HAHAHAHAHAHA... of course it matters.

One month away y’all!

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