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Garth Brooks Concert At Notre Dame Stadium Is Just Another Bad Scheduling Decision

So... Outkast was busy that day and The Roots ain’t calling you back?

Garth Brooks In Concert - New York, New York
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish love to brag about the “icon” status of the football program. It is one of the blue bloods of college football, and few come close to rivaling the tradition of Notre Dame over the last century. It comes as no surprise that Notre Dame would want to schedule a music act for the first ever concert that is on that same kind of iconic level.

Notre Dame is scheduling country music legend, Garth Brooks, to be the first act to play a concert inside Notre Dame Stadium.


From the @NotreDame Twitter account:

”Tradition and memories are built in that stadium. It’s an iconic place. This is an important moment, and once we decided we were going to have a concert, Garth Brooks just jumped into our minds right away.”

Of course he did.

Tradition and memories... two words that go hand in hand with the past. When was Garth Brook most relevant? The early nineties. When was Notre Dame football’s last string of relevant years? The early nineties.

Garth Brooks put out a greatest hits album in 1994 for songs from like 1988-1993 — and Notre Dame could have basically done the same thing. It’s all most people really remember.

WE SHOULD ABSOLUTELY KEEP LIVING LIKE IT’S 1993! (As a guy that turns 40 next month, I can actually get behind this sentiment).

This is just typical Notre Dame, and JUST like the abomination that is the Shamrock Series, it plays to a certain crowd of people. ICON ICON HUGE BIG HISTORY NEWSPRINT PRE INTERNET LOVE!!!!

It’s another bad scheduling decision, because it screams REMEMBER US WHEN WE WERE THE COOL KIDS?! WE GOT A BIG HOUSE THAT MA AND PA JUST FIXED UP!

For the record, I fully realize that Garth Brooks puts on one hell of a concert. He is, after all... an icon. As for me and my house, we choose something else. I don’t like the music, and the last thing I would equate to Notre Dame football would be a country singer from Oklahoma. The fact that he is from Tulsa and one of the worst losses inside Notre Dame Stadium over the last decade was to the Tulsa Golden Hurricane is not lost on me.

I think this sucks, but obviously a lot of you are REALLY excited for this.

Yay you.

Also for the record... the greatest concerts are not held in some big ass venue. I’m just going to lay back on my pool deck and remember Wu-Tang and The Roots at Bogarts in Cincinnati while y’all get excited for this. I’m just keeping it real.