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Notre Dame Football: Freshman Ja’Mion Franklin Needs To Learn To Make A Better Cannonball

C’mon rook!

Ja’Mion Franklin
Twitter @NDFootball

As summer workouts for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team come to a close, head coach Brian Kelly opened up his lakehouse for a day of fun for the entire team. With camp starting soon, these guys need a bit of a break, and a chance to let off some steam.

It’s also a chance for some of the freshmen to make a mark on the rest of the team. If Jerry Tillery is going to be a true leader this season on the defensive line, then he should start by showing freshman defensive tackle, Ja’Mion Franklin, how to execute a proper cannonball.

I’m assuming that Franklin, a 6’3” 300 pound “big boy” has been a “big boy” most of his life. So... how can he have such bad cannonball form? Maybe it doesn’t matter, and maybe the upperclassmen like Jerry Tillery and Khalid Kareem will step up and show this young man how it’s done.

Franklin is making the most crucial mistake with his cannonball... you gotta tuck those knees bro.

Obviously, Mike Elston has some work to do here, but before he gets his hands on him, here are a few examples Franklin can learn from: