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OFD Mailbag: Can Notre Dame Win With A 3 Quarterback Rotation?

Or are we talking about Brandon Jurkobook?

ofd mailbag

You can practically smell the the 2018 football season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Or maybe — maybe it’s just the pig farm down the road.

Welcome to another OFD Mailbag. Let us begin:

Because you’re a fan. You should be excited for the season, and you should be a bit more than optimistic (if you’re doing it correctly). I’d rather do what you’re doing than go in with dread and allow little to no fun/hope into the season.

It’s also because Notre Dame has continually scheduled horribly for November.

That’s a great question because of how much Greer Martini meant to the Irish defense when they went up against the triple-option. Drue Tranquill will step into that role in 2018, and should make it a seamless transition. Tranquill has always played the option well in his role, and I expect more of the same this season.

It’s going to take a different approach, and a different idea of what actually is “success” on the football field. All of that points directly to Jack Swarbrick. So... if there’s a change made with the athletic director, the other changes that would be needed (scheduling, higher standards for wins, etc.) would then be able to be made.

Splashpads. In my opinion, they are a waste of space and time. There is a caveat though: we have a big ass pool in our backyard, as well as a stellar slip-n-slide. So... I can see how a splashpad is welcomed by others.

A few others:

  • County fairs
  • 4th of July “weekend”
  • Family road trips

My beer tastes/habits rarely change with the season so this is easy:

  1. PBR
  2. Budweiser
  3. Old Milwaukee
  4. Rolling Rock
  5. Bass

I firmly believe that Brandon Wimbush will play a lot better this season, and Ian Book won’t really be needed unless an injury occurs. I really think that’s the case, and if it doesn’t happen — we’re in trouble.

No, Notre Dame won’t be able to replicate the short success of what the Ohio State Buckeyes did in 2014 with their three quarterbacks (which was a injury related). If the Irish start 3 different quarterbacks in 2018, we are probably looking at a 7 win season.

I don’t know... Notre Dame is undefeated with College Gameday on campus since 2012? Also, you are completely wrong. Notre Dame is 1-5 all-time against the Michigan Wolverines with College Gameday in attendance. Notre Dame is 1-1 against Michigan in South Bend (with Gameday).

A campaign could be started — but it will have zero effect. Nothing will ever be as bad as what happened against the Georgia Bulldogs last year, but if someone wants to sell their tickets, they are going to sell them with almost no worries about who is buying them. Money talks, and there is nothing we can do to change that.



Until next time!