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Notre Dame-Michigan: The 37 Best Moments

These moments should give you laughs and smiles

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

37 Days.

We are now 37 days away from kickoff when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will take on the Michigan Wolverines at Notre Dame Stadium.

Why is this significant? Well, if you’re a Notre Dame fan, 37 is an important number to us all. It is the real score of the last time both teams met.

See, this is the real score. There is proof.

For background, this is the score after Elijiah Shumate ran back a pick-six on the last play of the game against Michigan in 2014. However, the play was called back because Max Redfield was called for a very questionable targeting call on a hit against Devin Gardner. The posted final score is actually 31-0, but we all know what the score really was.

In honor of 37 days left before kickoff, I put together a comprehensive list of the 37 best/funniest/most amazing moments that the Fighting Irish have had against Michigan. They are not in any particular order - just 37 great moments.


  1. Rocket Ismail’s first kick return against Michigan in 1989. (“Afterburners” kick return)

2. Rocket’s second kick return against Michigan (same game, because Bo Schembechler was dumb enough to kick to him twice). This is the “Goodbye Baby!” kick return.

3. Reggie Ho being the hero we needed in 1988.

4. One of my favorite moments in the history of Notre Dame fandom: The same ‘88 game saw the crowd receive a penalty for being too loud.

5. In 1998, we opened the season with a win against Tom Brady (with Bob Davie as head coach)

6. The 2002 game with Shane Walton’s game-clinching INT

7. The 2004 game winning against them at home. Keep in mind we only were barely bowl eligible that season. Also the early days of Quinn, Walker, and Zibikowski.

8. The 2005 game on the road when Chade Henne fumbled on our 1 yard line

9. In 2008, Michigan fumbled all over the field in some of the most fun I’ve had in the rain. Here is an example (it was the opening kickoff LOL)

10. 1980 Harry Oliver last-second kick in strong winds to win

11. Equally as great, the Bob Ufer (Michigan radio announcer) call. He screws up the score becasue of how distraught he is.

12. A 2008 Brian Smith fumble return for a TD

13. This is a fan favorite: The 2012 Tommy Rees TD, the only TD scored that night.

Michigan v Notre Dame

14. That same night, when Denard Robinson threw FOUR interceptions

15. Manti Teo’s interception from that game as well

Michigan v Notre Dame

16. 1909 in our first win over Michigan (Fielding Yost as coach for UM). You all know Yost. He is the guy that did not want us or other teams to play in the Big 10. He really was just a sore loser.

17. The 1943 win over them with Leahy as our coach (National Championship season) and then also Fritz Crisler as UM’s coach (he had similar sentiments to Yost).

18. The 1993 win with Kevin McDougal at QB and UM at No. 2 in the nation.

19. In 2012, Prince Shembo told everyone that Michigan took his bike seat.

20. Manti’s speech at the same 2012 pep rally. (Yes I know part of it is fradulent, but it shows the power of the ND Family).

21. One of my all-time favorites: The 1992 Reggie Brooks unconscious TD

22. In 1979, we won on a blocked kick at UM. The block was by Bob Crable.

23. The Kyle Rudolph long TD in 2010 (Yes, I know we lost).

24. The Rhema McKnight TD in 2005 (see #8 for the whole highlight video)

25. Clausen to Tate to go up 21-0 in 2008

26. Will Fuller’s TD in the 2014 shutout

27. Michigan’s missed FG 1 of 2

28. Michigan’s missed FG 2 of 2

29. The best send off after shutting them out. One of the greatest things ever to happen.

30. Elijiah Shumate’s pick-six (see above)

31. The Max Redfield hit on Devin Gardner (shouldn’t have been targeting)

32. This highlight video with the chicken dance. This is funny and just because in 2013 after we lost in Ann Arbor, the stadium DJ at UM played the chicken dance (in response to Brady Hoke thinking we chickened out of the series with them). It was one of the most classless things I’ve ever seen at a sporting event. But, we got sweet revenge.

33. This is Brady Hoke realizing how asinine his statement was


34. One of my favorite gifs of all time was an effect of the shutout

35. The BVG fist pump Vine

36. Everybody that goes all in on the score actually being 37-0. It warms my heart to see how the Irish fans can come together like that.

37. The fact we shut out Michigan in the final game against them for a bit, their worst loss ever. Hopefully we do the same this year.

We’re getting close, people. Get hype. 37 more days.

Go Irish. Beat Wolverines.