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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #87 Michael Young

This young buck can continue to make a name for himself

At OFD, we provide you with some amazing analysis, fun stories, and great insight into the inner workings and details of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Part of that is letting you all know about players on the team - what they are about, who they are, and why you should pay attention to them. Next on the list has been a more under-the-radar guy in Michael Young.

#87 Michael Young

Mr. Young is a sophomore wide receiver out of Saint Rose, LA and Destrehan High School. He did not touch the ball much last year, as he was not the main focus of the receivers. As a freshman last season, he was learning with the program and falling under Kevin Stepherson and Equanimeous St. Brown. He’ll be looking to continue a rise as a part of the receiving group this season. He did get some notice for some of his catches later in the season. More on that in a bit.

3 Things to Know About Michael Young

  1. Michael had 4 catches for 18 total yards last season. 2 of those were in the Citrus Bowl alone.
  2. As Austin wrote for us last year, Tim Prister called Young a very underrated recruit. I think that is still true today, as he hasn’t had many catches, but his skills from high school show otherwise.
  3. Michael did have his only touchdown catch come during the Citrus Bowl in the midst of our comeback against the LSU Tigers.

YouTube Hot Fire

Here is said TD catch in the Citrus Bowl

This play (and whole game, really) just about gave me an aneurysm. Michael made the catch, though. Right place, right time.

Country, Condiment, Or Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon.

Crystal Hot Sauce.

Michael is from Louisiana, so this makes perfect sense. He also hasn’t been used on everything like Frank’s or Tabasco, but in the right place and right time it is the perfect fit.

2018 Forecast

Michael Young will be on the receiving core in an attempt to bump up his playing time. His skills are there, he just needs to continue grinding. Again, he can continue in the right place and right time mindset. I see big things for him, he will just have to wait a bit of time for that to happen. He could be a go-to player at any point, I believe.