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Pick Up The Best Notre Dame Football Preview Magazine For The 2018 Season

How many times have you watched Rudy?

Every year, college football fans and fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have an incredible array of choices for where they get their news and information for the upcoming season. The “season preview” market is flooded with material both online and in print.

Yes, I said print. Sometimes, I just love the feel of a magazine, and if your spouse has a “check your mobile device at the door” policy when entering your home’s bathroom... a magazine is the greatest throwback of them all.

For all of you Irish fans, there really should only be one choice for your preview magazine needs. The South Bend Tribune and ND Insider put together the most comprehensive Notre Dame football preview magazine each year. These are the beat writers; the hard-working, news-breaking, ear-to-the-ground guys that don’t just live and breathe Notre Dame sports, but live and breathe because of Notre Dame sports.

The preview for this year is just as incredible as in the past. Spotlights on Phil Jukovec, Jerry Tillery, Miles Boykin, and “The Revolution of QB Evolution.” It also has some fun anecdotes about the incoming freshmen such as how many times they have watched the movie Rudy (stunning responses) and their social media / texting habits.

Eric Hansen, Mike Vorel, Tyler James, and Tom Noie provide 96 pages of great coverage that you just don’t get with any of the big national magazines. (It’s also Mike Vorel’s last hurrah for the South Bend Tribune).

Do yourself a big favor and grab a copy for yourself or someone else now! Don’t be unprepared for a season that is sure to be full of ups and downs. Buy it and study it from now until toe meets leather against Michigan.