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One Foot Down Mailbag: Are Notre Dame’s Running Backs A Concern?

The mailbag is opened and we stare at the running back depth chart....

ofd mailbag

Here we are again... The OFD Mailbag. We are still more than a month and a half away from another Notre Dame Fighting Irish victory over the Michigan Wolverines (maybe they’ll score) and we are still able to think clearly.

I’m such an effin liar - IT’S PBR TIME, but I am able to type (somewhat) so let’s get to the questions.

For clarification purposes, LoLo isn’t talking about the Dome (stop panicking) or Golden Tate. LoLo is asking about the sensational Fort Wayne restaurant, The Golden. The Golden closed earlier this year.

I. AM. DEVASTATED. Look, the Summit City has an amazing amount of great places to eat, but The Golden was truly awesome. A great menu, people that loved doing what they did, and a dope spot downtown (which had an incredibly high rent rate). Their signature cocktail “The Golden” (turmeric infused vodka, simple syrup, and lemon juice) is insanely good and not the easiest to duplicate. I’ll get over it... some day.


I really don’t know. I was catching up on some podcasts today and actually thought about this. I can’t imagine that they will go into August without announcing the team, but I haven’t heard a whisper about who it could be. I know some people think Jack Nolan could be the play by play guy, but I’m not sure he could once basketball overlaps the season.

Aren’t some of the best tight ends former basketball players? I can’t deviate from that formula. I’ll take D.J. Harvey and here’s why:

  • He’s from DeMatha. We can FINALLY say we got a DeMatha football player.
  • At 6’6” 220, he has the height and the frame to put on another 15-20 pounds and be a damn good player.

I also wouldn’t mind throwing some weight on John Mooney and developing him as a left tackle.

It’s a little scary to be honest. Take Dexter Williams out of the picture (as he most likely will be for the first four games this season) and we have a whole lot of IDK. Tony Jones Jr. could certainly step up, but after him we really have no idea what we have.

Jafar Armstrong seems to be the most dynamic in the group, but he just moved to running back from receiver in the spring and is untested as a back. Jahmir Smith was an early enrollee freshman that didn’t exactly “wow” anyone this spring, and C’Bo Flemister just got on campus — and didn’t exactly have the best offer list in high school.

I’m not trying to say these guys are going to hold the Irish back this year, but I have more questions for your question, and not many answers.

  1. Chase Claypool. He’s that mysterious lumberjack from Canada with great hair.
  2. Justin Yoon. YOON SWOOOOON. Girls love him like NKOTB Joey.
  3. Dexter Williams. He’s got that bad boy image but can sing the shit out of a ballad.
  4. Brian Kelly. Y’all saw those dance moves after beating the Michigan State Spartans.
  5. Tommy Rees. He’s joined at the hip with BK, and was a package deal.

This was asked shortly after I bashed the Virginia Tech Hokies use of “Enter Sandman.” I proclaimed that it was “hokey” and not even in the top 10 of Metallica songs. So here ya go:

  1. Harvester of Sorrow
  2. Blackened
  3. One
  4. Master of Puppets
  5. Seek And Destroy
  6. And Justice For All
  7. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  8. The Four Horsemen
  9. No Leaf Clover
  10. Creeping Death
  11. Fade To Black
  12. Whiplash
  13. Battery
  14. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  15. Ride The Lightning

I did 15 to prove a point.

Definitely the defense on the field. The offense — although with a brilliant score at the end of the win over the LSU Tigers, is still too “uncertain” in my opinion. The defense is loaded with veterans and was a pretty good unit last year.

  • Jonathan Bonner - Culo
  • Jerry Tillery - Dammit Man
  • Khalid Kareem - Bon Bon
  • Daelin Hayes - Time of Our Lives
  • Te’von Coney - The Anthem
  • Asmar Bilal - Melting Pot
  • Drue Tranquill - Shut It Down
  • Troy Pride Jr. - Rain Over Me
  • Julian Love - Fireball
  • Jalen Elliott - Day Drinking
  • Alohi Gilman - I Know You Want Me


Until next time...