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Join The One Foot Down Community Or Suffer The Fate Of Other Star Systems

We’re just out here hunting rebels.

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Greetings! I wanted to take a quick timeout from the usual offseason playlist to offer a word of encouragement to the silent majority of readers here at One Foot Down. While there are many different reasons why myself and the rest of the OFD staff do what we do, the common theme is that we love the University of Notre Dame and wish to be a part of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish conversation here on this thing we call The Matrix the internet.


Be a part of the Notre Dame conversation here at One Foot Down. All you need to do is create a profile / username by going up to the top right hand of the site and click on the link. It’s quick, easy, and the first step.

Once you do that (or maybe you already have) jump into the discussion here on whatever post you may find interesting. We run a fairly “loose” ship in the comments section. Basically, think of it as a conversation at your favorite watering hole. It’s more about RESPECT than language. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a good time throwing a jab here and there NOR does it mean that excessive swearing just goes unchecked — it just means I expect people here to treat everyone else like they were hanging with friends and family while ripped on gin (or whatever).


The conversation doesn’t just happen here. You can also find our large community all over social media. Be sure to follow us on all of our platforms (or whatever ones you enjoy using the most).

You can find us here...

One Foot Down covers a lot of ground (yes, yes... I know that’s a horrible slogan and it’s not official).


In a day and age where there are so many niches to be found, I take great pride in the fact that this site is unique. We have a wide variety of opinions on many different subjects — that is to say, we are a melting pot of fan emotion. There is no “company line” here, and your thoughts and opinions are just as valid as my thoughts and opinions.


All jokes aside, we are now fully armed and operational.

  • Football
  • Men’s & Women’s Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse
  • Baseball

And we might be diving into soccer this year as well. We also enjoy and celebrate Notre Dame’s many of Notre Dame’s other athletic programs (and if we could do more fencing stuff — we would).


The offseason is a perfect time to explore and test new things out.

We have a large staff of dedicated fans that are here to help make your experience more tolerable as we head into our 25th season without a national championship (a bonus of membership here is that we count 21 football national championships, with the last one coming in 1993 — you’re welcome).

Take a swing! What’s the worst that can happen?