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Bagpipe Monday: What Part Of The 2018 Notre Dame Football Schedule Do You Like?

The weekly poll and pipes likes what it likes.

Wake Forest v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Welcome to another Bagpipe Monday on One Foot Down (late edition). Friends, there are a lot of issues with the 2018 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football schedule. Most notably the changne of venue for the game against the Syracuse Orange. To be honest, I hate the Shamrock Series games anyways, so my issues with the upcoming 2018 version include the usual script, but also for the crackpot reasons for this game to be played at Yankee Stadium.

Bagpipe Monday Notre Dame @phillykelly

Today, however, I’m not here to pour more salt on the wounds of the upcoming schedule, but to find reasons to be happy. Yes... happy. It’s not a common feeling right now for myself or for a lot of the fans out there, but nothing is ever as awful as it seems.

So, I wanted to list the three things that I like about the schedule. They’re going to play the games despite any disputes we may have, so we might as well find a little bit of joy in it...


Regardless of how you may feel about the return of the series with the Michigan Wolverines, there is no doubt that the opening game this year, will have Irish fans ready to play ball. Last year, the season opener against the Temple Owls got the worst rating EVER for a Notre Dame football game on NBC. With the Skunkbears coming to town at night... it’s bound to get nuts, and that’s a great way to start the season.


I’m extremely excited for the Irish to travel to Blacksburg to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies. While nothing has been announced in terms of a kickoff time — I’m 110% positive it will be a prime time game. Look, that place is going to be LIT for that game. I love away games, and if you have the means, I highly recommend you attending a few. #1 on that list this year is this game. No, it’s not because of their entrance (which doesn’t properly use the Metallica catalog anyways) it’s because Tech is tough at home and this will be a great game.


Notre Dame has had a bit of a mini-rivalry with the Florida State Seminoles now for about 25 years. The game this year marks the 25th anniversary of when this all started. Since then, the Irish are only 1-5 against the Noles. Their last win came in 2002 when they upset FSU in Tallahassee. After the 2014 game that saw the referees screw the Irish in the end (and help start an implosion for the season) Notre Dame and its fans are looking for sweet retribution... on Senior Day.


What are you looking forward to this season as far as the schedule is concerned? Are the Irish traveling to a town close to you? Are you coming up to South Bend for a certain game? What part or parts do you LIKE about this year’s schedule? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and find that silver lining — I won’t laugh... I promise.


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The weekly pipes get you ready for that trip to play Virginia Tech.