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A Father’s Day Message

Your legacy is a process. Trust the process.

We shine in the fall.

I’ve written, edited, and re-written this “message” about a half a dozen times. I finally had to just delete the whole thing and start over.

Being a parent is unique, and set in unique circumstances. I had a message to offer fathers that were struggling with the challenges of being a father — and then I thought it was all too presumptuous.

Listen... enjoy today. Enjoy a day designed to celebrate this wonderful thing called fatherhood, and show your children and wife (or partner) the love and respect they require and deserve. Have fun, and constantly strive to be the best father for your children that you can be.

I was trying to find the exact words, but the depth of fatherhood is so vast, there are no “exact” words. Just remember, that one of the greatest legacies you can leave in this world is your role as a father and what that does for your children, and their children, and so on. It’s a tremendous responsibility with rewards unlike anything else this life can provide. Give thanks for this opportunity and for its blessings.

Happy Father’s Day!

(PS - Also be thankful that I deleted the 1500 word rambling of a father with too much to say.)