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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Let’s Talk About This Photo Of The Official Visitors

We are about to roll deep into a photo shoot.

notre dame recruiting
Official Visitors to Notre Dame Shining For TD Jesus
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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are hosting 8 official visitors this week — and you know what that means... PHOTO SHOOT! Yes, that new recruiting tradition that no one seems to get enough of, and runs rampant through social media.

So let’s take a closer look at it:

notre dame recruiting
Back Row (left to right): Saleem Wormley, Aeneas DiCosmo, Zeke Correll, David Ojabo, Brendon Clark. Front Row (left to right): DJ Turner, Kyren Williams, Asa Turner
  • Saleem Wormley: Are we sure he is just going to be a senior in high school? That’s a big kid.
  • Aeneas DiCosmo: That #2 looks good on him. Athletic and sleek as a defensive end
  • Zeke Correll: That’s a Nick Martin clone if I ever saw one.
  • David Ojabo: Are we sure he isn’t really 30? The size of him... dear lawd!
  • Brendon Clark: He’s just happy to be here (c’mon BC... smile a bit — you’re a QB).
  • DJ Turner: He’s hiding from Jim Harbaugh.
  • Kyren Williams: He reminds me of Mike Hart (but with better hair).
  • Asa Turner: BRAVO! That hair is amazing and will only get more amazing.

Hopefully the Irish put on a good show for these guys, and in doing so, perhaps the Irish will get a few more commitments for the 2019 class in short order.