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Aeneas DiCosmo’s Recruiting Edits Just Made Him My Favorite Notre Dame Target

The Golden Dome gets a visitor from the Land of Ooo!

Aeneas DiCosmo Twitter @aeneas_dicosmo

Aeneas DiCosmo is a 2019 3-Star defensive end/tight end recruit from Bergen Catholic in New Jersey. He’s taking an official visit this weekend to see what the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are all about.

Bur let’s get right to it... he has AMAZING recruiting edits for his Twitter account.

BRO... That’s good stuff right there.

In a world where recruiting edits are sent to recruits using a lot of the same “edgy” and futuristic stylings, the homage to the Cartoon Network show, “Adventure Time” is about as dope as it gets.

DiCosmo’s father worked for Nickelodeon, so maybe all that greatness was just infused into Aeneas’s blood. No doubt about it now... this is a PRIORITY recruit.