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OFD Mailbag: Notre Dame Football’s Wide Receiver Issues, Scholarship Limits, And Punts

A nice mix of questions this week makes it more business than party (but we still rock a mullet).

ofd mailbag

As promised, the OFD Mailbag returns for its weekly dive into whatever the bloody hell is going on in my mind. I asked YOU to send in the questions, so this is all your fault (you magnificent bastards).

Per usual, I answer any and all questions asked — regardless of their relationship to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I’m cool like that. While I send out the bat signal for these via social media, you can always email us with your question.

We better get started...

I know nothing about this. Yes friends... I can admit when I know jack and shit about something. I did find these shirts though:

Oddly enough, I thought that was the title for the Ball State Cardinals. But sure — I’ll proclaim the Irish as PUNTER U. Of course it’s a good thing. Punting is awesome, and a punt well done is a great catalyst for the defense.

Tressell ball works.

Notre Dame has 23 offers out to wide receivers in the 2019 class with only 4 of them being committed elsewhere. One that I think sticks out as the most likely to commit to Notre Dame is Donavon Greene. Greene was committed to the Duke Blue Devils for a time, but decommitted after only a few months.

Wide receiver is a position where the Irish may only take one or two in this class, so I wouldn’t panic just yet. (And yes... a 2019 prospect will commit before a 2020 prospect).

Truth be told, I had a fake ID when I was 17 and used it up to my 21st birthday. Ordering a “gin and tonic — Bombay Sapphire” felt like what someone older would order, so that’s what I did. In the process, I got hooked. I love gin, and have developed a strong catalog of simple gin drinks.

It’s refreshing, clear, and known to have detoxifying properties. So, what’s not to like?

This is incredibly easy to answer. My favorite track on that album is, and will always be “The Shiznit.” Now... there are several others that come close such as “Doggy Dogg World” and “Pump Pump,” but strangely enough, “Gin & Juice” wouldn’t be in my Top 5.

I’ve liked most of the Shamrock Series uniforms to one degree or another, but there is ONE uniform that was just putrid. The 2016 uniforms for the game against the Army Black Knights sucked ass. DON’T EVEN @ ME BRO!

Army v Notre Dame Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Most likely Notre Dame will never join the ACC as a fulltime football member. There really is no reason to do so right now, and there doesn’t seem to be anything in the works that would force their hands.

Behind the 8 ball? Have you been paying attention to the College Football Playoffs? Teams don’t even need to win their division in their conference to get into the playoffs. That means they aren’t playing a conference championship game either. So, again, there is zero need for that.

Notre Dame would have been in the 2015 playoffs had they not played like shit in a win over the Boston College Eagles, and then lost to the Stanford Cardinal. They would have been in last year had they not wilted in November against the Miami-Florida Hurricanes and Stanford. In both seasons, they could have had 1 loss and made the playoffs.

That’s all the reason they need to NOT be a fulltime ACC member.

I’m 99% sure it will be a medical hardship. Perhaps David Adams, who has had a long string of medical issues, will finally say enough. If not, there could be a transfer for playing time issues. I’d say there are probably 5-6 candidates for this one slot, but I stopped speculating once Freddy Canteen left. It’ll happen when it happens.