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What Would You Name A Notre Dame-Themed Kentucky Derby Horse?

You know you have a favorite. Bet on it.

Kentucky Derby Week Previews Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The 144th Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and some of the SB Nation sites are getting in on all of the action. What do you think of when the Kentucky Derby rolls around each year? Well, you probably think about big hats, mint juleps, jockeys, money, money, and of course... those incredible names for all of the horses.

If you don’t have all that cash, a fancy big hat, and a jockey on standby - you may feel isolated. First thing you should do is make a mint julep following our own Jessica Smetana’s design.

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, here's a super-secret Mint Jul...

Mint Julep... Kentucky Derby... Tom Hammond... Notre Dame Football Yep, it all fits. Plus, OFD's own Jessica Smetana chugs bourbon. HOORAY!

Posted by One Foot Down - For Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans on Friday, May 5, 2017

Now that you got that out of the way... COME UP WITH SOME NAMES!

Here are a few of my own design with that Notre Dame Fighting Irish flair:

  • Get Off My Grass
  • Fullbacks Forever
  • Lou Holtz Is My Mother
  • All The Mums
  • Her Loyal Equines
  • Run The Damn Jockey
  • Fighting Since 1988
  • Kick It To Rocket
  • Tommy Trojan Sucks
  • Skunkbear Killah
  • Immortal Maui Brey
  • Geben Dunk
  • Beano Cook’s Favorite
  • Nobody Likes Zahm
  • South Dining Hall Champ
  • Beating Up Bengals
  • I’m Not A Moose
  • 3 Other Horses Went Fishing
  • Rockne’s House Guest
  • No Name On My Jersey

And I could go on and on -BUT I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH! Put down your best in the comment section below for the ultimate in OFD Glory.