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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #17 Isaiah Robertson

This safety turned linebacker/rover is next up in our series

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NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

We here at OFD are letting you, the readers, get to know each of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish team members. Next up is Isaiah Robertson, a safety that hails from Bolingbrook, IL.

#17 Isaiah Robertson

As an early enrollee in the winter of 2017, Robertson had his first full season last year. He came in as a safety recruit, and played in a few of the games last year. He did record 2 solo tackles and 5 assisted tackles. With the addition of Alohi Gilman, it might be tough for Isaiah to get solid minutes. However, it looks like he was a help to the team in the secondary last season.

3 Things to Know About Isaiah Robertson

  1. Isaiah played last season in the secondary, but he is now listed as a linebacker. It seems like his role could be switching positions. If he does, he might still have a tough time getting solid minutes, but be on the lookout for him closer to the line this year.
  2. Was ranked as the Number 30 safety in his class according to
  3. Isaiah was getting in reps behind Asmar Bilal for that rover position back in spring ball. That could be the move for him, but again, getting minutes could be a struggle for him this season.

YouTube Hot Fire

We don’t have much, but here is Isaiah’s NSD video.

Country, Condiment, or Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon.

Sour cream.

Isaiah is sour cream because of its different uses. It is needed for different foods, and sometimes it isn’t used much at all. Usually, sour cream is never the star of any dish that it is a part of. Guac or salsa can usually be the stars of tacos or burritos (let us know in the comments which team you’re on for that debate). Bacon bits or cheese are the ones people seemingly like more on baked potatoes. I personally think sour cream is underrated. This could be Isaiah Robertson. He needs to find his place and shine there. Right now, he is an underrated addition to the lineup. but he can show spark, Just give him time.

2018 Forecast

With his switching positions, Isaiah will be a team player again. He might be able to increase his tackle numbers. He will have to work for it, though. If he in fact is at rover, you could see him sparsely. He will have to work his way through the ranks, but you could see him with some tackles in the middle of the field this year.