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100 Thoughts In 100 Days: Notre Dame Football Should Get Back To Playing Tennessee More

I would like to volunteer more time for this.

Tennessee Volunteers v Notre Dame Fighting Irish Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Alright y’all... we are 95 days to kickoff for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and instead of just posting a random picture of whatever with a number, you’re going to get a chance to dive even deeper into my everyday thoughts.

It’s not always going to be pretty, and you have to remember: these are just random streams of thought and in no way should constitute a firm belief or ideology (mostly).


One of the many things that get Notre Dame fans in a frenzy, is scheduling talk. Some feel that the schedule it too brutal, while others think there aren’t enough marquee games. There are others that believe the entire schedule is just poorly constructed overall.

There are a lot of opinions.

My opinion is that Notre Dame should schedule the Tennessee Volunteers more often. These two schools have only played eight times, but it has been a fun and interesting series.

via Winsipedia

Why play the Arkansas Razorbacks? Notre Dame has never played Arkansas before, and despite people loving the idea of playing a team for the first time — I think it’s overrated. The only reason Arkansas was even considered (probably) is that they are members of the SEC.

Notre Dame has made a calculated effort at adding the SEC to its schedule in future schedules as we have seen with the Georgia Bulldogs already, as well as the Alabama Crimson Tide and Texas A&M Aggies in the future. Fate, most likely, will also have the Irish play the LSU Tigers in at least two more bowl games over the next five years as well.

So, why not Tennessee? Playing six times in last 28 years doesn’t make for a rivalry, but there is a history there between the schools, and rather than throw the dice at the Razorbacks, I’d like to see Notre Dame cultivate a steady scheduling future with a program that already has roots.

It’s what made college football great, and now it’s what is making it less interesting. I’ve never been to Neyland Stadium, and I selfishly want this... for me. I was in attendance at Notre Dame Stadium for both the 2001 game and the 2005 game. I know we have a new found love of the Georgia fanbase, but for me, Tennessee fans were spectacular. I tailgated with them for both of those games, and I have a secret crush on those fans.

Seriously though... I want more games with Tennessee. Let’s make it happen, and if we get a green out in Knoxville, we can sing the Oompa Loompa song all night long.