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OFD MAILBAG: Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With Notre Dame’s Dexter Williams

I told you that I didn’t give AF about what you asked. These are my sacred answers.

ofd mailbag

We are about 100 days away from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish facing off against the Michigan Wolverines inside Notre Dame Stadium. While that’s awesome and all — it also means that we are about to begin the hardest part of the offseason... June. The month of May still has all those Draft stories still trickling down, and a few other minor things like transfers, but June is just deadly with silence at times.

Because of this, I am going to be proactive and start-up the OFD Mailbag as a weekly feature (from now until the second coming of Christ (or maybe some week when we forget, or if I finally get fired from here).

With very few rules, y’all can ask me anything, and I’ll give it an answer. Here we go...

To be perfectly honest... I hadn’t listened to the entire album when this was asked. I, being an awesome person, sat down and gave listen to the 10 songs I had not head of the 15 track set. I’m not as enamored with Reputation as I still am with 1989. Seriously, 1989 has been in our car cd player since the day it came out — it’s a masterpiece.

Still, the question remains, and I will go with “End Game.” Before I even heard the song, I saw that both Future and Ed Sheeran were on this track, and although I am no big fan of either, I thought it would make for an interesting track. I was not disappointed.

Notre Dame has about 12000 students (undergrad and grad). Given the nature of the university, let’s say about 42% (.420) smoke weed. That’s about 5000 students. Amounts being held by each student will vary, but I imagine it averages out to about an 1/8 of an ounce for each person. This means there are roughly 39.06 pounds on Notre Dame’s campus.

That seems, high.

Yes, Notre Dame comes into 2018 ranked #75 in the NCAA’s APR rankings (which actually comes from the 2016-2017 school year). There are 12 teams that Brian kelly has lost to (some multiple) that are ranked higher:

I’d say about a 34 AA. Please don’t ask me to verify this.

By the end of the season, I believe Dexter Williams will be the leading rusher for the Irish. He may not crack the 1000 yard total though — but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Neither. I don’t dip my wings. Furthermore, anyone that calls a “boneless wing” anything other than what it really is, a “glorified chicken nugget” should be forced to do hard labor in Siberia.

I imagine that you are gently asking if Brian Kelly will ever win a National Championship. I’m going to go with, “no.” However, I do think BK will coach two more years at ND (2018 & 2019) and will win either a formerly known as BCS bowl game, or a playoff game.

I can’t say what is going on in your mind, and I have never met Jessica in person. I will say that she has been very lovely to work with, and is an extremely talented and funny member of the sports media world. I was going to try and finally meet her at the USC game, but I got up there fairly late and was working the press box. I ended up meeting Bobby Norell (former OFD writer) for the first time by accident inside the stadium that night.

Well let’s talk Notre Dame football in November... YAY! If it’s just one game, then the Florida State Seminoles for the 25th anniversary of the 1993 classic would be my answer. It’s senior day, and there could be a lot on the line for the Irish.

I don’t know what the prices are for the Northwestern game, but it’s at Ryan Field (not Soldier Field). Because of this, I say it will be ABSOLUTELY worth it. I greatly encourage Notre Dame fans to attend as many TRUE road games as possible. There’s nothing better than a college football game at a college football stadium.

Quite the contrary. Again... keeping with my firm belief that college football is greatest at a college football stadium (on campus or close enough) there are only 3 teams that WOULDN’T be worth the trip:

Everyone else is 110% worthy of your time - even Louisville’s pizza pit.

Rob is an old friend from our beloved Hicksville. If you didn’t know, he’s speaking about Notre Dame’s 38-34 loss to Michigan in 2009. I had some friends over to watch the game and set up the big screen in the barn. It was a bullshit game with bullshit refs and a bullshit finish. After Matthews caught the touchdown to win the damn thing, I grabbed the closest thing to me (my trusty axe) and just went to town on my concrete floor.

It was brutal, but maybe not the worst thing I have ever done during a game. For this year, Notre Dame does not allow axes in the press box, so... peak anger on the road is probably reserved for Southern Cal — although if it’s against Navy, I could end up burning the barn down with furious fire.

The biggest highlight is perhaps the biggest headline... the Jumbotron. It’s really big, and really nice. Notre Dame does a pretty good job with the running of what goes on it, and I have no real complaints of content. Replays are an obvious plus, but the coolest thing ( I think) is the live look-in during the Our Father in the locker room before the team comes out. It usually has me covered in goose bumps — but I’m an emotional being, and I am wired to rip open my chest from time to time. A second thing is all the wonderful detail throughout the concourse of the stadium.

The biggest gut punch for me, is moving the media to the east side of the stadium. The sun is BRUTAL, and you can say that this gut punch is blinding. For others, the gut punch could be that it really doesn’t look and feel like being at the Notre Dame Stadium I fell in love with. I was among the many demanding changes (like the jumbotron and fieldturf) and it really is nice, but that TRUE nostalgic feeling has been wiped away (despite all the nostalgia perfectly placed throughout).

Is this a subtle jab at the new stadium? I’ll just take this at face value and say the Stepan Center.

  • Over the top? Built in 1962, the facility was constructed as one of the first geodesic domed facilities in the nation — to date, it remains one of the most unique structures in the world.
  • Unneeded? They built Crossroads. Whatever they used this for (which is just about everything) could all be done inside the monstrosity of one of the three buildings attached to the stadium.
  • Underused? My belief is that pep rallys should be for students only, and should be in the Stepan Center. This obviously isn’t the case.

I can’t speak for Pete (and he would probably puke at the thought of that anyways). I think what he was trying to say on the latest II podcast, is that if Notre Dame played them annually, it would really tie their hands with other games to schedule after the 5 ACC games, USC, Stanford, and Navy. They are just able to be more flexible with 4 open dates rather than 3.

Because fuck Michigan - that’s why (and the sum of most reasons given). I’ll turn 40 in August, so for most of my life this game has been played annually. It’s a big game, but given the immense shit that Michigan tried to bury the Irish with back in the days of Yost, I understand people not wanting to have this game played.

Without a doubt, I think Notre Dame has a group of 4 receivers that are capable of leading the team this season, but I’ll go with Chase Claypool. He is probably the most talented and most athletic wide receiver on the roster right now (although Kevin Austin could challenge that in a year).

I have no idea if Dexter Williams is going to be suspended, and if the rumor of a 4 game suspension is true, Notre Dame probably won’t come out and say it — just as they did not in the case of Kevin Stepherson last year.

I was told that “thoughts and prayers” work in situations that no one can change, so our thoughts and prayers are with Dexter and his playing time.

The rumor is that Dexter broke a team rule and will suffer the silent 4 game suspension. I have no idea what’s true — it’s still a rumor.

Shit... this is going to be a long summer.


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