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This Guy Played Notre Dame Football When We Wrote This Article: #11 Freddy Canteen

This transfer has come to us to get away from the dark side


As we go through the summer and the offseason, we here at OFD want to run through the players on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team so that all of you can know who they are. Getting backgrounds on people is fun, and we can provide you with knowledge and insight from our witty commentary. Next in our player profile series is Freddy Canteen, a graduate student wide receiver from Elkton, MD.

BYU v Michigan
Canteen, far left, did attend UM at one point. Yikes, that uniform is hideous.
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

#11 Freddy Canteen

Yes, Freddy Canteen did transfer from the Michigan Wolverines. We welcome him with open arms, as he has clearly found the light. He played some for Michigan, but he seemed to be overshadowed. With a lot of eligibilty left, he was looking to transfer, and fortunately we were able to take him to bring him to the team. Freddy played in the first few games of the 2017 season for the Irish, but he needed shoulder surgery that ended his season. He’ll be looking to get into more games in his final year of eligibility.

3 Things to Know About Freddy Canteen

  1. Freddy left Michigan after his junior season, and he only played in his two seasons prior. He graduated from Michigan before he left and used a grad transfer to end up at Notre Dame with two years of eligibilty left.
  2. If his lack of play worries you, he has still been with the team since last season. He saw some limited game action and started the first two games (vs. Temple and vs. Georgia) as well. Freddy also was still touted by 247Sports as one of the top 300 players in his recruiting class.
  3. He does have one career touchdown catch that came against Ohio State in his freshman season in 2014.

YouTube Hot Fire

Freddy does not have much tape to use for highlights, so we’ll do a throwback and show his recruiting tape.

Country, Condiment, or Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon.


Yes, I have determined that Freddy Canteen is Germany. Germany had its problems with evil in the past. Eventually, though, Germany was able to move past and rid itself of the evil regimes to become a well-respected and quality country in Europe. Freddy did go to Michigan, but now he has changed his evil ways (baby) to be positive and at a place that other people want to respect and adore. We’re glad to have Freddy come from the dark side. Also, Germany seems to be quiet and a place we almost forget about. However, you don’t mess with them at all. That is Freddy as well. Quiet, not much press, but I bet he could explode with skill at any moment. He just needs his moment.

2018 Forecast

After his rollercoaster time in his college football career, I think Freddy Canteen will want to go out with a bang. This is it for him. The 2018 season is his last year of eligibility. He’s going to want to make it cound. What better way to be motivated and start a final season strong than by playing your former team right out of the get-go. First game against Michigan, and I’m interested to see the role that he will play.

The Irish might be pass-happy this season, and there already is a pretty strong receiving core. Freddy could be used as one of those utility players that could help. He obviously showed some determination and skill, as he started two games last year. With not too much press on him as well as his injuries, I’m not sure exactly what he will do. I hope he can breakout and have a hell of a senior season. To me, though, I somewhat hope he ends up being like a Robby Toma. Maybe I’m saying that because Robby Toma is one of my favorite Notre Dame players ever. Robby, though, grinded and contributed when necessary. I hope that for Freddy, and I hope he can get a touchdown against his former team. He might just need one spark to get him going for the rest of the season.