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Notre Dame Football: Te’von Coney Should Be Just Fine

There have been a lot of questions surrounding Te’von Coney over the past day.

Wake Forest v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Since the news came out yesterday about Te’von Coney and his legal situation, fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been mostly perplexed by what is happening. I’m not a lawyer (surprise!) but just from the general posts that I have seen from real life legal eagles on Notre Dame message boards... I’m thinking that Coney will be just fine.

Basically... this all stems from the arrest in Fulton County in August of 2016. From what I can understand, Coney is most likely seeking a better outcome than what was given to him with the diversion program, and that’s why he requested to change his plea.

I could be totally wrong in this regard, but it seems to be the general sentiment from many with more knowledge of this type of situation.

On that note... if Notre Dame were really worried about some bad news coming up, or some type of suspension, would they have posted a FIM Up Close video of Te’von Coney? The PR machine would likely have put this on pause — but we have seen worse PR from Notre Dame before, so take it for what you will.

My feeling is that everything will be okay, and Coney will be out there on September 1 skinning and eating Michigan Wolverines alive.