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Notre Dame Football: The Uneventful Spring Continues For The Irish

I fell asleep writing this.

Stretch it out - stretch it way out...
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At some point each spring I start to think that this is the most boring and quiet spring the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have ever had. It’s a sickness, really. Like that annual cold that comes around that beats you into submission, the Notre Dame spring practice sessions have me bloodied and bored.

This isn’t an indictment of the Notre Dame football program, or the media, or the fans - I’m just calling it as I see it.

So little ever really comes out of spring, and that’s frustrating because spring is where most of the questions for the next season “spring” up. It’s not that things don’t become a little clearer in some regards, it’s because decisions aren’t really made because fall camp will have the final say.

What we know right now, is that this team has a lot of work ahead of it. So much of what was good about the 2017 season is gone, and yet so much returns as well. How this staff puts it all together is what remains critical, and putting it together involves the months of July and August.

What were out biggest questions coming into the spring?

  1. Brandon Wimbush vs Ian Book.
  2. The offensive line depth chart.
  3. Who the shit is going to play safety?

The answers so far?

  1. Brian Kelly said Wimbush was QB1 from the opening press conference and nothing has changed since.
  2. The depth chart changes daily by design, and basically, it revolves around Liam Eichenberg and his readiness to play left tackle.

So there you have it.

Basically, all we are really waiting on is information that we can use so we can sleep better at night. Mostly, that the team makes it out of spring injury free.

Notre Dame still has to tastefully cut three players before August to get to the 85 scholarship limit. This past week we saw Jay Hayes depart the team, which was slightly surprising, but at least that whole picture is becoming a little clearer.

Now, if you made it this far in the article without clicking away or falling asleep, I congratulate your commitment. I was not so awesomely strong, and took a nap on my office floor just now.

That’s how boring this spring is. It’s not a bad thing - but it certainly isn’t much fun. I can’t wait for it to be over so we can wildly speculate without all the lip service. After all, if recent history has taught us anything besides guerrilla movements being superior to an invading force, is that spring football is a lie. A beautiful lie, and you need to accept that fact.