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Notre Dame Football Head Coach, Brian Kelly, To Be Honored By The Mad Anthonys With Red Jacket

It’s not only an honor, but a Notre Dame tradition (kind of).


It is now officially the offseason for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and head coach Brian Kelly. Scheduled time is a little easier to come by, and that means CHARITY GOLF EVENTS!

This year the Mad Anthonys will be honoring Brian Kelly with a “Red Coat.” Mad Anthonys is a charity organization dedicated to helping children, and it’s based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. There is a dinner where the honored guest(s) receive a very bright red coat, and then the next day they play reasonably decent golf at the Fort Wayne Country Club. It’s a pretty big deal for the city and many of its residents.

It’s also a little bit of a right of passage for Notre Dame football coaches. No... surprisingly enough, Tyrone Willingham never golfed in this event - but there have been many other Irish coaches and players that have been honored for their work with children:

  • 1958 Terry Brennan
  • 1962 Jim Crowley, Elmer Layden, Don Miller and Barry Stuhldreher (4 Horsemen)
  • 1974 Moose Krause and Ara Parseghian
  • 1978 Dan Devine
  • 1989 Lou Holtz
  • 1992 Dick Rosenthal

It’s hard to say of Mad Anthonys has just basically given up on Notre Dame football or not. Parseghian, Devine, and Holtz were all honored right after winning a national championship.

The dinner will be held on June 22nd, with the golf outing on the following day.