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Notre Dame Football: If You Need A Pinstripe Bowl Ring, John Montelus’ Is For Sale

The best way to remember the best bowl, is with a ring.

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Montelus Pinstripe Bowl Ring
John Montelus' Pinstripe Bowl ring.

Y’all remember that Pinstripe Bowl that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish won in 2013 over the mighty Rutgers Scarlet Knights? OF COURSE you do! The very next season after Notre Dame went 12-0 in the regular season - only to get stomped in the BCS National Championship by the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Irish went a very Brian Kelly 8-4.

It was the year that Everett Golson was suspended, and Tommy Rees was forced back into the national spotlight. In so many ways, the season was a continuing humiliation of the 2012 title game.


I guess former Notre Dame offensive linemen, John Montelus, didn’t think too much over that spectacular December bowl win in New York City.

He sold his Pinstripe Bowl ring.

John Montelus’ Pinstripe Bowl Ring
John Montelus’ Pinstripe Bowl Ring

You can get it RIGHT NOW on eBay for about $1500.

I should point out that it doesn’t look like Montelus is personally posting this himself on eBay - which is actually kind of sad. That means that Montelus sold the ring for far less than what is being asked on eBay.

How did I come across this wonderful piece of jewelry? Wes, AKA @IrishTightness of the OFD Podcast, has been in search of Pinstripe Bowl treasure for some time now, and was overjoyed the other night when this popped up.

The plan was for Wes to come out of Twitter retirement, start a Go Fund Me, buy the ring, and then use the ring as a traveling trophy for the OFD Podcast and the loyal listeners. Sadly... that was too much work for Wes, and it would require a return to Twitter - which is far too political for him.

At any rate... we thought you should know about the ring anyways. Happy bidding!