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Did Jay Hayes Change His Mind About The Oklahoma Sooners?

Jay Hayes made a quick decision about his transfer for his 5th year, and is looking elsewhere.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Very shortly after defensive lineman Jay Hayes decided to transfer away from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he made the decision to commit to the Oklahoma Sooners to play his fifth and final year.

It was a logical decision in many ways. It would hook Hayes back uo with the Notre Dame coach that first recruited him in Bob Diaco, and the Sooners had a need along their defensive line. Still, it was a bit illogical if part of his decision to leave Notre Dame was indeed for personal issues at home (a claim that has yet to be verified).

It now all seems to be for not, as Jay Hayes visited the Georgia Bulldogs for their spring football game, and was scheduled to visit the Alabama Crimson Tide (a visit now cancelled). Hayes’s Twitter bio is now cleared of all of the mentions of Oklahoma save one... his profile pic.

Did Kirby Smart, the new King of the 5 Stars, just steal a big time grad transfer away from Okalahoma? Maybe, and maybe we shouldn’t care where he goes... but I thought I’d pass along the info.