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New Writer Introduction: Joe Londergan Joins One Foot Down

I’m ecstatic to be here and can’t wait to get to know you all better. Go Irish!

Hi there Irish fans!

So the title pretty much says it all. I’m Joe Londergan, and I’m extremely excited to be a part of the talented group of writers and content creators here at One Foot Down.

I know it’s customary for new writers here to give a little blurb about themselves and talk about how they developed a fandom for ND. As far as the latter part of that goes, my story is pretty simple.

I guess the Fighting Irish were about as close to a “first love” as it gets for my CFB/CBB fandom. If you couldn’t figure it out from my adorable toddler pic above, we were Irish fans from the beginning (my beginning, anyway). My grandfather on my Dad’s side, also named Joe Londergan, graduated from Notre Dame in 1950 before settling in London, Ohio with his wife/my grandmother Catherine. They then proceeded to do what Catholic people did in the mid 20th century: have ten kids.

My grandparents’ love of the Fighting Irish carried over to all of their children, some of which became ND grads themselves eventually, and that love has been passed down to all of us 40+ grandkids and great grandkids. When you have that many people all in Irish gear on a Saturday afternoon crammed into a living room to watch a game, it’s impossible to not get swept up in it.

My journey into higher education did not lead me to South Bend, but I still made a point to watch ND football, basketball, and other sports and rock Irish gear when I could. Why? It makes me feel connected to my roots. It also brings back a lot of great memories of fun and family.

Road trips with my brother to South Bend to see football and basketball games when we were lucky enough to get tickets...jockeying for space with my cousins on the floor of my grandparents’ house to watch Brady Quinn hit Jeff Samardzija on a deep fade...being the fifth-grader at my school who knew weirdly too much about Knute Rockne...

I’m really looking forward to reliving those feelings and creating new memories as a part of this community.

We haven’t worked what I’ll specifically be covering just yet, but I’m ready to get started and I can’t thank Joshua Vowles enough for the opportunity. Go Irish!

A little more about me

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I graduated from the University of Louisville in 2014 with my bachelor’s degree in communication and went on to earn my master’s degree in sports administration from Seattle University in 2017.

I’ve done a lot of work in marketing and PR around the sports and entertainment world, including working in Louisville’s athletic department, with the Portland Trail Blazers, and USA Rugby.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my amazing girlfriend Samantha. I’m an editor at SBN’s Oregon State site where I write quite a bit about their baseball program. You can also find some bylines from me on SBN’s G5 football site and in Front Office Sports, which is a prominent sports business publication.

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