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Former Notre Dame Defensive Lineman, Kona Schwenke, Has Passed Away At 25

This is horrible news.

Purdue v Notre Dame

There is some tragic news to report for fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Former defensive lineman, Kona Schwenke has passed away today at the age of 25.

There have been no confirmed reports at what the cause of his death might have been, but regardless of the cause, it seems as if this was very unexpected.

Last month, One Foot Down reported about Schwenke’s plans to continue to play football, and there seemed to be a lot of hope for him and what he may still do with his career.

Schwenke was a part of Brian kelly’s first recruiting class at Notre Dame and was one of a handful that Kelly offered when he first got the Notre Dame head coaching job. Schwenke came to Notre Dame from Hawaii and was well loved by his teammates and fans alike.

When there is more news to report, we will report it. Until then, please pray for the peace and safety of his family and friends.