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The Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Team “Finished The Job” With A Mamba Mentality

Wear the shirt that says it all!

Breaking T

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are your 2018 National Champions in women’s basketball. It was one of the most incredible Final Fours in history, and it included the two semifinal games that went into overtime, and the national championship that was won in the last second of the game.

After the win over UConn, former NBA star Kobe Bryant tweeted his approval of Notre Dame and its assassin, Arike Ogunbowale.

Arike was thrilled that the basketball legend was tweeting about her and the Irish, but Kobe was quick to remind her that the job wasn’t over yet. No matter how awesome that win over UConn was... Notre Dame and Arike needed to finish the job.

Of course, as we are all recovering a bit from Sunday, The Fighting Irish dis EXACTLY that, and Arike hit another game winning shot to end the game and give Notre Dame the national championship.

It was all SO AMAZING!

In celebration of all of this, One Foot Down and Breaking T created this shirt for Notre Dame fans to wear and serve as a reminder to FINISH THE JOB.


Breaking T