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Notre Dame Football: One Thought, One Take For Spring

I don’t Love the Spring Game...But I do Like Like the Spring Game

Citrus Bowl presented by Overton's - LSU v Notre Dame

Spring Thought

Spring football is an interesting time and often leaves us with more questions than answers. Fans across the country have been getting their fix from weekly 3 minute slo-mo videos and position coaches speaking in relative generalities. To put it lightly, this portion of the year always leaves me wanting more. Spring football is full of flaws, but we have to remember that it is still football, and after Tomorrow we have to wait a long 4 and half months until it is back in our lives. Tomorrow we get a glimpse of football, even if its Irish on Irish crime. I always err on the side of enjoyment for this game, and as Billy Madison once said.....

Enjoy the game, enjoy its flaws, and get excited to rewatch highlights of the game as you desperately wait for the arrival of the Skunk Bears on September 1st.

Hot and Cold Takes

Like the volatile weather across the Midwest this Spring, I wanted to offer up some Hot and Cold Takes for the upcoming Spring Game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. For my devout followers (hey Dad and Charlie), you know that Hot Takes are predictions that if correct, you can say “Called it” and Cold Takes are more like popular opinions. As per the regular season, leave you own Hot and Cold Takes in the comment section. I’ll feature select ones next week....And so I digress.

Cold Take

Brandon Wimbush is going to come out of Spring Game as the Starting quarterback. This one is pretty cold, but there are (literally dozens of) people who have been and will be calling for Ian Book to be the starter. These people are simply wrong. Book is exactly what you want as a backup, and he will fill in during critical times next season. HOWEVAA, in order for us to have a real shot at doing anything of meaning next year, we have to be lead by a confident Wimbush. This starts in the off season....and nothing can shake a 20 something year old’s confidence like internet fans calling for his backup to lead us again the Michigan Wolverines. In the press conference after the game, Brian Kelly will say, “Brandon Wimbush is our Starting Quarterback”. Book it (puns).

NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame

Hot Take

My favorite transfer Alohi Gilman will demonstrate that he is the answer at safety. He will shine tackling in space and have a pick and or good pass breakup. He was itching all last season to get on the field, and often was kicked out of sessions for being too aggressive on Scout Team. He has all the **swag**, and will be a critical piece of the D next year. Plus, he will have his jersey rolled up and his fingers taped, it’s old school and it WORKS

Your Takes: Don’t Forget to Leave Your Takes Below!

**Alohi Swag**