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Notre Dame Football: Weather Report For Blue-Gold Game, Saturday April 21

What you need to know before you attend Notre Dame’s annual Blue-Gold Game.

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are ready to wrap up their spring practice sessions with the annual Blue-Gold Game inside Notre Dame Stadium. It’s been a long month and a half of limited viewing for the public - and the media. On Saturday, we get to see an even broader status of where this team is at heading into the summer (even with the lame rules).

Don’t get it twisted though, because so many of the questions heading into spring won’t be answered on Saturday, and the Irish will need fall camp to sort more of it out before the Skunkbears come to town.

So what’s the weather going to be like on Saturday? Well... there’s certainly a change in the wind ahead for South Bend.



We are looking at some real spring weather this weekend. I know a high of 58 degrees isn’t exactly inviting, and calling for SKY’S OUT THIGHS OUT and all that good stuff, but considering what the forecast has been for the past month... we will take it.

58, however, won’t be seen until AFTER the game is over. There will be almost a 20 degree rise in temperature from 9 AM to kickoff, so after a few hours of eating and drinking under partly cloudy skies with minimal winds, everyone should be feeling pretty good as they head into the stadium. If you can, you might want to try and sit on the west side of the bowl for optimal sun warmth.

The spring game is a great way to break your kids into attending a major sports venue without breaking the bank, so if you have the time, you should grab all your little rascals and go watch the boys play.

If you do go, and see a strange bachelor party of ridiculously handsome men from Ohio, give them a warm gretting. Todd, one of my oldest followers (from the early days of Subway Domer) is getting married - and you should do everything you can to make the wedding party have a strange story from South Bend.