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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: The Photoshoots Appear To Be Doing Well


Notre Dame recruiting Twitter @Thehunterspears

As most of you know, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a huge recruiting weekend going on right now with plenty of high profile official visitors. (Hunter Spears, Osita Ekwonu, Jacob Lacey, Colt Ellison, and NaNa Osafo-Mensah are on their official visits). If you didn’t know - surely you are well aware now after the most important part of the recruiting visit itinerary... the photoshoot.

I’m not sure who started this craze, but somewhere on that person’s tombstone it should read, “BEAUTIFUL GENIUS... CHEESE!”

It’s been a phenomenon of simplicity over the years that we have all been witnesses to with the ever expanding social media world. It started with a recruit wearing a jersey (and maybe some gloves) in the lockeroom, and has evolved into a full-blown photoshoot with the recruits wearing the entire uniform and helmet, and posing all over the place.

While a recruit is on campus, media members are not allowed to contact the recruit. This used to mean very few updates during the visit, but with these photoshoots and social media, we get a pretty scoop frame by frame.

Notre Dame isn’t alone in this venture - obviously. In recruiting, as with most ventures of life; innovation is copied by all. I just wish I knew who started this whole thing! The simplicity of just having a recruit throw on the full uniform gets everyone excited (or in bitter despair when you see that blue-chipper that you covet so much wearing the uniform of a rival).

Notre Dame does a good job with the whole thing, and as we saw on signing day, they also use the video footage for slick video packages to post after a signature is sent in to the school.

So... the most we know so far about the visits this weekend is that the photoshoots are going well, the moms are getting in on the action, and future of Notre Dame football could hinge on the right lighting (just kidding).

The moms giving their blessing.
Twitter @JacobLacey6