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Happy Easter Notre Dame Family!


Twitter @mattcashore

I just wanted to take a quick moment and wish all of you a very happy and special Easter from all of us at One Foot Down.

While sports should always take a very distant back seat to family and religion, fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish do a spectacular job of combining their faith with their fandom.

Easter is about victory and new beginnings - and the Notre Dame athletics program is certainly doing their part in the “victory” department. Sure... we are all hardcore football fans, so you can put those eyes that just rolled out onto your keyboard back in their sockets. The Notre Dame Fencing team just won another national championship last month:

The Notre Dame Hockey team is in search of their first national championship and will play in the Frozen Four next week in St. Paul, Minneapolis.

And, of course, the Notre Dame Women’s basketball team will play in the championship game tonight against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.


I hope all of you have a great day - whether that be at worship, with family, or with friends. It’s all about VICTORY today, and Notre Dame is helping in that cause.