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Notre Dame Basketball: How To Watch The NCAA Selection Show

As drunk as possible for a Sunday evening is probably the smart move.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Duke vs Notre Dame Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

There is no team that has been talked about more than the Notre Fighting Irish when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. The Domers really have been on the tip of every analysts tongue. Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether or not the Irish will be in the tourney, and whether or not they deserve to be in the tourney.

Too often, however, the tow questions have two different answers.

Today is the day that we will finally find out what’s gong to happen with the Irish and their tournament chances. It’s just hard to imaging that just 5 months ago, we were gearing up for a run to the Final Four rather than scrapping to be a one of the final four in the tourney.


Since the early 1980’s, the selection show has been broadcasted on CBS. That changes this year...

  • TIME: 6:00
  • HOPES: Yeah... there are some.

If the Irish fail to get into the tournament, there’s no reason to stick around TBS for more sadness... we’ve got the NIT Selection Show to pay attention to afterwards.

  • TIME: 8:30
  • HOPES: Yeah... there should be some borbon left in the house - we hope.