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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Top Irish Targets To Announce On ESPN On Signing Day

Watch Notre Dame targets announce if they love you, or that they don't quite love you all that much.

Nicholas Petit-Frere
Nicholas Petit-Frere

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are out on the recruiting trail working their butts off to get top talent up to the Golden Dome. There are just a few days left until National Signing Day, and the Irish have a lot going for themselves right now:

  • 21 Players have already signed.
  • 1 Committed to sign on Wednesday
  • About 7 legitimate targets are still available.

Two of the top targets on Notre Dame's recruiting board will make their announcements LIVE on ESPN on National Signing Day.

10:00 AM

5 Star Offensive Tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere (Florida)

Petit-Frere will announce at 10 in the morning on ESPN. Besides Notre Dame, he is considering the Ohio State Buckeyes, Alabama Crimson Tide, Michigan Wolverines, and Florida Gators.

There is nothing concrete right now that says NPF is leaning one way or another. Many have their theories - but they are most likely all wrong. I like Notre Dame here, but who knows.

12:00 PM

4 Star Linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu (California)

Solo will announce at NOON on ESPN. Besides Notre Dame, he is considering the USC Trojans, and UCLA Bruins.

I had been back and forth quite a bit with Solo's recruitment over the past few months - but that's because he has been. Every time I think one thing, information comes out that makes the opposite true (ish). The feeling right now is that Solo is a silent commit to USC right now and will make that official on Wednesday. (Please be opposite).


While those are just two of the half a dozen targets that Irish fans will be tracking on Signing Day, nothing official has come out about their plans to announce. Once they do, we will let you know.

We will have this and all sorts of stuff ready for all of you with our National Signing Day coverage which begins the day before - right here at One Foot Down.