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Notre Dame Unveils New Under Armour Uniforms For Cotton Bowl Against Clemson


Twitter @NDFootball

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will wear a new set of uniforms for the college football playoff in the Cotton Bowl against the Clemson Tigers.

They’re called “Rush 4 Gold” and you can easily see why. This is a very clean look, and keep almost all of the traditional elements of a Notre Dame football uniforms save for a few very important details:

  • Green cleats
  • Green gloves
  • Shiny gold trim
Twitter @NDFootball

It’s a very nice change in my opinion. It allows Notre Dame to “pop” some color, without being too over the top (which would be on brand for UA but not so much for Notre Dame outside of the Shamrock Series).

There was a little worry that Notre Dame and Under Armour would do something a little more crazy, but after the Pinstripe meltdown, maybe they learned their lesson.

Many of us had hoped they were going to do a throwback uniform from the late 70s Cotton Bowl games, but since they are not... these will do just fine.