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Will Notre Dame Wear Throwback Uniforms Against Clemson In The Cotton Bowl? (Updated)

Notre Dame could pull off two big statements on December 29th.

1978 Cotton Bowl Notre Dame vs Texas
1978 Cotton Bowl Notre Dame vs Texas
Twitter @Subway_Alumni

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will take on the Clemson Tigers in the Cotton Bowl as part of the semi-finals for the college football playoff. The Tigers are the higher ranked team, and therefore are considered the “home” team. For visual people out there... this means white jerseys for the Irish.

Or does it?

It started off in horrific fashion:

Instantly, my mind starts racing through those awful pinstripe uniforms and the room starts spinning out of control. But then... but then I started thinking that Notre Dame and Under Armour can’t be that stupid. No way they go full HOLY SHIT for a second round in 2018.

Quickly, the Twitter crowdsourcers stated coming up with a couple of different scenarios. One included the 1992 Sugar Bowl uniforms, which was also known as the Cheerios Bowl when Jerome Bettis and company ran right TF over the Florida Gators.

And as enticing as that seems, the more logical answer started to surface... Notre Dame’s away uniforms from the late 70s — specifically the ones they wore in the 1978 and 1979 Cotton Bowls. Yeah see... this makes a ton of sense.

Those were Notre Dame’s regular uniforms (after that lovely game against USC in 1977) and they have that special “x factor” that Under Armour loves and Notre Dame needs to explain why they wear what they wear.

In short time, Notre Dame sent out this teaser video:

Please note that this video shows you nothing. Same gold pants, same gold helmet, the Cotton Bowl patch — but nothing of the numbers, or names. I think we can safely assume that the throwback scenario is damn near guaranteed here.

Notre Dame and Under Armour will release the look on Friday, so we won’t have long to wait and see if we are right.