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Goodyear Cotton Bowl Unveils Giant Mascot Statues Made From Tires For Notre Dame And Clemson

So there’s this.

AP Images for Goodyear/Zeno Group

Goodyear, the sponsor of the 2018 Cotton Bowl that is hosting the college football playoff semi-final, unveiled a few “Texas-sized” mascot statues. These aren’t just any statues — they’re made from the thing that Goodyear does best... tires.

AP Images for Goodyear/Zeno Group
AP Images for Goodyear/Zeno Group
AP Images for Goodyear/Zeno Group

A few things...

On the field at AT&T Stadium on Dec. 27, the Cotton Bowl will unveil “Texas-sized” statues of The Notre Dame Leprechaun and The Clemson Tiger, made entirely from hundreds of Goodyear tires. Former minor league baseball player and talented artist, Blake McFarland, handcrafted these massive statues, netting out with some really cool stats:

  • Total Man Hours: 500+
  • Total Tires Used: 375
  • Total Screws: 3,100+
  • Total Weight: 350-400 pounds

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Clemson Tigers will clash on Saturday, December 29 at 4:00 PM.