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Notre Dame Football: Tom Rees Wins Quarterbacks Coach of the Year Award

He will always be sweet Reesus to me.

Reesus is a known miracle worker.

It flew in under the radar, but it’s big news for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish nonetheless... Tom Rees has won the 2018 Football Scoop Quarterbacks Coach of the Year award.

Rees is the second Notre Dame quarterbacks coach to be given this honor, as Mike Sanford won the award in 2015. The award is now voted on by past winners — so this is an honor from his peers in the business.

While Brian Kelly is still the first man we turn to when it comes to the quarterback situation at Notre Dame, a big part of the success the Irish had this year with Ian Book came from Tommy’s guidance and teaching. A quarterback switch like that could have blown up in their faces, but through it all, it helped get Notre Dame to the college football playoff with a 12-0 record, and a #3 ranking.

Way to go Tommy! (I don’t know who this “Tom” character is — it will always be sweet Reesus to me).