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Early Signing Period: Notre Dame’s Recruiting Path Across The Country - An Interactive Map

Where did Notre Dame get all of its 2019 recruits?

Brendon Clark notre dame
Brendon Clark

As we have stated many times before (and quite a bit today) the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have to recruit nationally to compete at an elite level in college football. The Irish are 12-0, #3, and in the college football playoff. A big reason, of course, for all of that is the talent Notre Dame has on its roster.

The Irish have worked hard in recruiting to assemble that talent, and it takes them all over the country. On average, Notre Dame’s scholarship roster represents about 25 states every year. With this last recruiting cycle, Notre Dame received NLI’s from players in 16 different states.

They even added Alabama to the mix this cycle.

There is an interactive map below that you can mess around with to show you where the players are coming from for each recruiting cycle in the Brian Kelly era (est. 2010).