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OFD Podcast: Answering The Notre Dame Football Mailbag

This wasn’t the worst idea — but it wasn’t great either.

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

There’s a huge lull in news about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team right now. I imagine that it will start to heat up quite a bit next week with a solid two week run up to the Cotton Bowl versus the Clemson Tigers.

With that in mind, I put the bat signal out for the OFD Mailbag. While I planned on sitting down last night to type out some really great responses — #dadlife kicked in and I was swept up in all sorts of madness. So, instead, I sat down this morning and broke out the podcast machine (that’s 2 podcasts in like 10 hours).

Your answers can be heard in the Soundcloud player below, but you can also find the OFD Podcast on iTunes and Google Play for all of you that are on the go. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, but also please take a moment to rate and review.