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#3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Florida State Seminoles: Weather Report

via Reddit

Fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are getting their wish granted... a warm weather school is coming to South Bend in November for a REALLY cold game at night. On Saturday, that team will be the Florida State Seminoles, and if the Noles had enough issues already... they may see them compounded as a roster full of Florida players will face a weather situation they just don’t see very often.

As of right now there is snow in the forecast, but it’s predicted to be on Friday. The snowfall will be an estimated 1-3 inches — so basically a dusting. Now, that could change over the next few days, but the night itself should be clear.

It’s also going to be cold... freezing cold.

The parking lots open for tailgating at 7, so enjoy that 24 degrees you party animals.

The temperature will increase slightly throughout the day as it reaches a high of 34. That’s a hearty temperature as it’s warm enough to not freeze things, but cold enough to keep things frozen. Add 15 mph winds and 20 mph gusts, and you have a pleasant environment to enjoy the Notre Dame Gameday experience on campus.

The winds will lessen as kickoff approaches, but it’s going to be cold y’all. CARHARTT UP and enjoy Mother Nature’s beutiful changes. (You should probably cheer your asses off if you plan on being alive in the 4th quarter).

There’s a good chance this weather prediction will change before Friday, and if it does — you know damn well that we’ll put it here with great joy.