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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly Talks About The Goal To “Defend Our Home Field”

Brian Kelly speaks with the media about Florida State.

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s a big week for Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Because of Jack Swarbrick’s schedule management, Notre Dame will play its last home game of the season on Saturday night in South Bend against the Florida State Seminoles. It will be Senior Day, which makes things special — and a bit complicated.

Notre Dame is already 5-0 inside Notre Dame Stadium this year, and they were 6-1 last season as well. So, if Notre Dame wins on Saturday, it will be the first time since 2015 that they would have a perfect home record, and an even much further time back since they won 12 games at home in two seasons.

It’s very important to Brian Kelly:

One of our goals this year was to defend our home field. This will be our last opportunity to do that. We certainly want to be able to finish that goal off. One of them internally we had was to protect this stadium. Finishing that off against Florida State is certainly very important to us.

Last home game for a number of seniors. That’s obviously important, as well. But I think just playing to that standard that I talked about in terms of that sense of urgency is most important.

The Irish are favored by more than 18 points against a Florida State team with a 4-5 record, and really has looked worse than that.

There wasn’t a video available from ND, so I hijacked these: